After a death threat from a gangster, the Mumbai police has decided to increase Salman Khan’s security to the “maximum”. The actor as we know, also has bodyguards guarding him with his most trusted shadow-man, Shera.

While the actor himself and the fans are gearing up for Race 3, an environment of worry is also there, especially for his father Mr. Salim Khan.

In a conversation he has said, “There is added security for Salman, who has, in any case, always had a good team of security personnel deployed for him. It [threat] is not much of a concern [for the family]. We are only worried about his safety, and that is being taken care of. We have faith in the Mumbai police, and they are doing their job well.”

For those who don’t remember, Lawrence Bishnoi, one of the most notorious gangs of Rajasthan, had threatened to kill Salman Khan in January this year when the trials of his Blackbuck Case were still going on. Few days back, Hyderabad police had arrested Sampat Nehra – a sharpshooter who was employed by Lawrence’s gang and was working on the plan of killing the actor.

Police had revealed that Sampat was in fact in Mumbai in May first week to scan places around Salman’s house, surveying the times when he comes out in the balcony of his house to wave to his fans. He tried to find out the distance to the balcony and had even taken few photographs of the house and was planning to execute the murder over the past few months.


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