With negative reviews pouring in, Bhai fans couldn’t digest the fact and almost everyone ended up watching Race 3 and that’s how Salman Khan starrer Race 3 collected Rs 106.47 Crore in its first weekend.

On the other hand, Ranbir Kapoor starrer Sanju released two weeks later and collected a whopping amount of Rs 167.51 Crore.

And where millions-billions in the country and world can’t stop praising Ranbir and the film, Salman Khan seems to be not willing to watch the biopic per reports.

A report from Zoom TV states that Salman Khan has not watched Sanju yet, and all of this despite Sanjay Dutt repeatedly requesting him to watch his biopic on the silver screen.

Now per theories and facts, one reason may be that Salman Khan didn’t watch Sanju yet as he’s busy with his Dabangg tour.

Or it’s his tiff with Ranbir Kapoor because of Katy actress.

Whatever the reason is, Bhai of Bollywood may or may not watch this biopic, just like any other film. Here, it’s just that because of Ranbir-Salman history, the issue will be highlighted (duh), why are we even posting this news, oh well to keep you all updated hehe.

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