One man, Many Lives.

The trailer just doesn’t have many lives, but many shades, many emotions, and many contributions as well. Itna variety wala life kahaan milegi, and yes, we agree with it, itna variety wala trailer and film bhi kahaan milega.

This saga of Sanjay Dutt is both arresting and moving; it does both when you see scenes from the trailer that make you wonder and say, did this really happen…And that’s exactly what the official summary of the trailer says too, that the story is going to leave you thinking “did this really happen?”

This show the confident in the film the makers have, they know that have covered each aspect (be it addiction or prison or love life or accusations), sensitively and gracefully. If the trailer alarms you with its scenes, it also makes you concerned as it has the right does of emotions and it also makes you smile with its light-hearted nature. It’s ‘har maiden fateh’ in every aspect.

Each role, each character has made a connect from the trailer itself. Even the background score has made an impact. And we don’t even know adjectives enough to praise Ranbir Kapoor’s act, he is spectacular amazing.

The trailer says the film is going to be harrowing and yet high-spirited, and we like and appreciate this trait a lot.

This is going to be the ‘the’ film we were wanting, and we guess Sanjay Dutt also wanted, should be made on him.


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