While all of us are in awe and can’t stop admiring and praising Ranbir Kapoor’ tremendous transformation for Sanju, we also wanted a bit more from the film.

At least we all were expecting, to see a small glimpse of Sanjay Dutt himself in the film. It would have made more impact for sure. In fact, it would have highlighted Ranbir’s brilliant effort to get into the skin of the character of Sanjay Dutt from the age 20 to present, even more.

Not only us, even Sanjay Dutt’s close friend Salman Khan thinks it would be good if Dutt had played the last portions of the film.

Salman Khan, who is promoting Race 3, was asked about the upcoming Sanjay Dutt biopic, to which he responded, “For Sanju, I was thinking why is somebody else playing this bit? The last 8-10 years. You cannot do justice to that. Sanju should have played the last bit”.


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