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Filmy Digest -> Trailers cant predict a movie’s fate. For that matter, nothing can or should predict it.

But having said that, its seen that mostly movies that have good trailers, that attract audiences and catch their attention, turn out to be otherwise.

Lets find out how shaandaar is shaandaar?
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FilmyPluses -> Alia-Shahid look cute and fresh as a pair, Songs are great, Movie presentation is grand and fairytale dreamy and will be liked by audiences who wishes films to be out of the world [/EXPAND]

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FilmyMinuses -> Script isn’t gripping, Less of fun and humor whereas the trailer gave an opposite feel, Not for masses [/EXPAND]


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Nirmata (Makers)

Big banners, big cast, what else a movie needs? Especially coming from Vikas Bahl, best known for movie Queen, this movie became one of the most anticipated ones.

Again, the trailer did put forward the movie’s best front. But even with everything in place, the banner, the cast, music and a cute story, the movie was just a good one time watch.

We blame the script completely, so shaandaar not so fabulous after all. Or may be Fox Star Studios is cursed (jokingly) so badly that every film they support doesn’t win hearts. Having said that, the Dharma and Phantom tinge is certainly there in the film.

Alekh (Story) – Patkatha (Screenplay)

Story by Vikas Bahl and Chaitally Parmar is cute and interesting, but Anvita Dutt Guptan’s script isn’t gripping, except in parts. Its only in parts that the movie is fun enjoyable and slightly humorous.

Its casually written, may be in trying to give the movie a cool feel, the reverse was achieved, it became too casual. Apart from the script, even the treatment given to it is more grand than grabbing.

There’s good animation, good effects, wow locations but still one comes out of the movie zone many a times in between, the reason was imbalance of grand treatment and right execution.

Abhineta (Actors)

Shahid Kapoor as Jagjinder Joginder is simply amazing. There is no role the actor cant fit in or do, he is handsomely good both in looks and talent, but there wasn’t much he could do in the role given. In fact had it not been for Shahid, this was a complete dead role.

Alia Bhatt as Alia is cute as always. This isnt something new the actress is trying, its her comfort zone but then she is irreplaceable, cuteness and spontaneity wise.

Pankaj Kapur as Vipin is tremendous. Its his and Shahid’s chemistry that makes the film worthwhile. Of course, the chemistry between Shahid and Alia is lovely and adds freshness to the film.

Sanjay Kapoor is good, but the role is exaggerated to an extent of irritation.

Niki Aneja Walia as Vipin’s Wife is nice, Sanah Kapoor as Isha is one actor in the film who totally makes her presence felt with her effortless presence.

Sushma Seth is superb. She is the spark in the film, her role is well crafted and the veteran actress made us just love the whole act and role.

Vikas Verma is good in his role of a gym freak boy; those metrosexual boys that sometimes irritate you, it’s difficult indeed to pull such a role and make one believe as if the role is not just onscreen.

Geet Sangeet (Music)

The songs are great and lively, superb choreography and adds a lot of pep to the movie.

Nirnay (FilmyCurry Verdict)

Well if you are Shahid or Alia fan, you’ll love this movie. Otherwise Shaandaar makes for a not-so-shaandaar but one good time watch.[/expand]
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