The trailer of Shiddat which was released a few weeks ago was decent. But well, it gave us a hint that what should we expect from the movie and as expected the film just turns out to be a Bollywood potboiler.


A guy named Jaggi (Sunny Kaushal) meets a girl named Karthika (Radhika Madan). They fall in love but Karthika’s marriage is already fixed. Now, after three months when the marriage is about to happen, Jaggi goes all mad to meet Karthika, and he travels from India to London, but illegally. Will he be able to meet Karthika and stop the marriage? Well, we won’t answer that question, but we would recommend you not to waste your time on this film.


When you make a love story the audience needs to connect with the characters in it. But, Jaggi’s character is simply a mad guy. Believe us, if a guy does all these things in real life (what Jaggi does in movies), the girl will runaway from him. Maybe such stories worked 20-25 years ago, but we are in 2021.


If a guy has to tell the girl that he loves her and she should not marry the other guy, then maybe he can call her, Whatsapp her or even DM her on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. But, we are sure no one will think of swimming from France to London and stop the wedding of the girl he loves.


Performance wise, Mohit Raina is excellent and its his act that makes this film a bit watchable. Sunny Kaushal is strictly average and Radhika Madan fails to impress. Diana Penty in her extended cameo leaves a mark.


On the whole, Shiddat is a movie that had no potential at all. Even great performances couldn’t have saved this movie.


Ratings: 2/5


Check out the trailer here…


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