With threads of simplicity and dreams, the film needle its way to your heart

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Connect and Simplicity were important to weave a film around ambitions and dreams. And a small-town family is the best way to achieve the latter.

And connect is only possible when simplicity isn’t fabricated.

That’s where and when the movie won us over, right from the start.

But yeah one thing, our expectations were finite when we entered the movie and that’s one reason we liked it even more than expected.

Watch it If you like -

A very simple film, Doesn’t have a typical love story, Performances are genuine and strike an instant chord

But Beware of -

A bit unconvincing in parts, Gets repetitive in parts too

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Nirmata (Makers)

Like his last film, Dum Laga Ke Haisha, the director keeps the spirit of the film simple and its air as connecting as possible.

Yes, the script could have been more believable but one thing that impresses us about the director, he never just focuses on the lead, the whole family has a role to play and an impact to make.

Alekh (Story) – Patkatha (Screenplay)

आगे आगे मौजी भैया, पीछे पीछे पूँछ, बढ़ते जाएँ मौजी भैया, घटती जाए पूँछ।

The riddle means Sui Dhaage. Let’s twist the riddle to tell you about the script. Connect and Cliché were like needle and thread in the film. If the needle moved quickly, the lesser quantity of thread remained.

When we talk about cliché, we mean that such small-town and entrepreneurial stories have a happy ending only. So, by trying to connect more and more with every scene, the movie took our mind off that.

While there was simplicity in the film, there was certain predictability too. While the movie was unconvincing in parts, its spirit never collapsed. While the struggle in the script was nicely established, it couldn’t make a deep impact.

Or maybe that was the intent, to keep the film light-hearted and motivated. Because ultimately, the ideology of this film by National Award-winning producer-director combo of Maneesh Sharma and Sharat Katariya is to celebrate cottage industries and artisanship in our country, to celebrate dreams and syart-up spirit.

And that’s why artisans from across the country used over 15 needlework styles to design the Sui Dhaaga logo, which Dhawan and Sharma then shared on their Twitter and Instagram accounts, and which also featured in the movie end credits.

Of course, the film had more potential that extracted, and the script was overall a little bit over average, but the some heart-warming scenes, unforced humor punches and perormances diluted these flaws.

Abhineta (Actors)

Raghuvir Yadav as Varun’s father and Yamini Das as mother, are the best memory, role and performances in the film. so much so that, we are thinking more about them than Anushka and Varun while writing this review. They were just adorable and so natural.

Varun Dhawan, he is innocent, he is short-tempered. He is caring, he is child-like. In full husband form, Varun is growing as an actor and we expected nothing less from him after October.

Anushka Sharma, exaggerates her role, as was evident from the trailer but then when we think again, it also felt befitting in the movie. Her role was feeble yet resourceful and the actress pulled off both nicely.

Namit Das truly makes his presence felt with his act, he was so much honest to his dishonest character.

Geet Sangeet (Music)

Anu Malik’s music suits the story and songs are well placed. The background score by Andrea Gueraa though worked more for us, it was like the spine of many scenes.

Nirnay (FilmyCurry Verdict)

A family entertainer. Yes, its about dreams and ambitious, but the familial bond in the film is a takeaway memory.

FilmyCurry Rating

★ 1/2

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