Recently, there were reports that Sushant Singh Rajput’s psychiatrist Dr Kersi Chavda has given a statement to police that the actor was bipolar and he regretted that he broke up with Ankita Lokhande. Well, people on social media were quite upset that how can a psychiatrist reveal stuff about his client.


However, it’s a fake report and the doctor took to social media to give a clarification on it. He wrote, “D zone 9… Abhishek Trimukhe… under whose preview I spoke for all of three minutes… had made this statement to the media… which was conveniently not posted. So… I have not even made a statement. It is incredible how much filth there is in the media.. wherein the most basic “confidentiality issue” between a client and a therapist… is just trampled upon with great impunity. So… Dr Chavda.. the infamous one… has done nothing that could have caused so much of anguish and heartache in people. Dr. Chavda is a professional… who is ethical. Dr. Chavda is known to maintain confidentiality. I hope this also goes far and wide. Thank god for professionals like DCP Abhishek… who is aware of the tenets of client- dr privileged communication. On my request.. he was kind enough to send me this snapshot!!”


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