Well, while this world is privileged and modern for some, there is another side of this bloody coin.

That is a world where periods are a disease, are dirty and untouchable. But the big question is, would that world be the same if men got periods. Another question is, where there will be two different worlds if men got periods.

Well, let’s not get into that, but what this inviting short film has to offer is so relevant.

What would the world be like if men and boys had periods?

The best part of the film is, it does highlights inequality but not in an insensitive way. It just tries to say that the need of the hour is to talk about periods without any period (read hesitation), be it they happen to boys or girls. After all, we have the same blood.

That’s what we extracted from this short film. And that’s how we truly feel as well.

Directed by Mozez Singh, the film delivers message, meaning and awareness in a span of just 10 minutes.

So yeah, it takes 10 mins and less to understand natural phenomena and accept it too. The focus shouldn’t be gender, the focus should be periods. How to make things better and easy. That’s about it!

Watch the short film

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