#LoveShots : 6 short tales

#1 Road Trip : Featuring Nimrat Kaur and Tahir Raj Bhasin

#Story, #Screenplay, #Dialogues : Aparna Nadig & Ashish Patil

Finding a way out to ask what’s running in your brain and heart, somehow end up finding the other person’s fault even when you are the one who is questioned and having trust issues and on top of it doing all this with immense love, well that’s how a woman is….and somewhere that’s how men are too but never admit.

That’s what’s this short film is about and more. What message this short film portrays and leaves us with is too deep and is unthought-of because you are just into the cute bickering the couple does and suddenly things turn different. You don’t expect this short film to leave such a deep message and that’s why it strikes a chord.

Spoilers Alert 

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The message the short film has is about ‘safety while driving’ and there couldn’t have been a better way of doing it, so short so crisp so effectual so different and super cool. And with the song ‘Life Changes Everyday’ it makes all the more impact.

p.s. There are actually a lot of articles when you google ‘list of selfie-related injuries and deaths’

Join Archie & Nikhil as they try to take one such romantic drive and a selfie changes their lives…

LoveShots is helmed by Ankur Tewari and produced by Ashish Patil [/EXPAND]

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