There have been many films and many web series that had characters who were working in an advertising agency. But, for the first time, we have explored the true world of advertising through the MX Player original web series Thinkistan. Starring Shravan Reddy, Naveen Kasturia and Mandira Bedi in the lead roles, the web series went live a couple of days ago and we recently watched a few episodes of the show.


The show starts with Hema (Shravan Reddy) an engineer resigning from his boring job and meeting a girl on the way who suggest him to join advertising as he is good with words. Well, he takes her advice seriously and joins an ad agency as a trainee and there he meets Amit (Naveen Kasturia), a Hindi writer and the two become good friends. Then starts a journey that takes us in the world of ad agency and its functioning.


The show is based in the late 90s when advertising was its peak. The concept and the narration are quite good. It shows the harsh reality of Hindi writers in our country. Well, most of the things in the series impress us, we are a bit disappointed with a few things. So, the series is set in 90, but a few things don’t really gel up with the era. The office is just too fancy to be an office in the 90s. Plus even the clothes, especially what the females in the show are wearing are clearly not of that era and look very contemporary.


Coming to performances, Shravan Reddy as Hema is quite good. His chocolate boy charm works very well in the show. Naveen Kasturia too leaves a mark. However, the show stealer is, of course, Mandira Bedi. Whenever she comes in the show, she just nails it. We are loving Mandira Bedi here.


Overall, Thinkistan explores the world of advertising like never before and thankfully in an entertaining manner.


Ratings: 3.5/5


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