Mothers are always someone we look up to. She is our biggest support and strength. But sometimes the mother-daughter or mother-son relationship faces hurdles and it gets ruined. Renuka Shahane’s Tribhanga, which released on Netflix today, talks about three women from different generations and the relationship they share with each other.


Nayantara Apte (Tanvi Azmi) is a famous writer, and she is writing an autobiography. Milan (Kunaal Roy Kapur), who is also a writer, is helping her in that. But, Nayantara gets a brain stroke and she goes into a coma. Anuradha Apte (Kajol), Nayantara’s daughter, is an actress and a dancer, but she doesn’t share a great rapport with her mother. And the third generation is Masha (Mithila Palkar), Anuradha’s daughter, who is married in a conservative family. The movie is about these three women, and especially about the relationship that Anu shared with Nayan, and Masha shared with Anu.


The movie is written and directed by Renuka Shahane, and she has made a wonderful film. The movie has its heart in the right place. It will make you laugh, smile, and even cry. Some sequences are really emotional and you will feel like going and hugging your mother after watching it.


Performance-wise, Kajol steals the show and has given a fantastic performance. She was just perfect as Anuradha. Tanvi Azmi is wonderful in her role, and Mithila Palkar also leaves a mark. Kunaal Roy Kapur is amazing in the film, Vaibhav Tatwawaadi is also good.


On the whole, Tribhanga is a sweet-emotional film and you should watch it with your family. Also, sit with some tissues in hand.


Ratings: 3.5/5


Check out the trailer here…


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