Looks like our Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s biopic is facing a lot of issues. Titled PM Narendra Modi and starring Vivek Oberoi in the lead role,  the film has been in news since the time it was announced. The movie was slated to release on 5th April, 2019, but as it was not certified by CBFC it was postponed to 11th April, 2019.


But now once again the film has faced an issue. It won’t be hitting the screens tomorrow. The Election Commission told ANI, “These have potential to affect level playing field which is in consonance with Model Code of Conduct and shouldn’t be displayed in electronic media including cinematograph during MCC.”


Now this is surely a sad news for the fans of PM Modi and Vivek Oberoi who were eagerly waiting for the movie.


Now let’s wait and watch what will be the new release date of the film.


The biopic, which is directed by Omung Kumar, was said to be a propaganda. However,  the makers said that it is coincidence that the movie is releasing during elections

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