One of the most popular and lovable jodis on screen in Hindi film industry.

It is always magical to watch them together, right from Baazigar to DDLJ to Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, their equation remained unchanged and magic turned more magical.

In her recent interview, promoting Helicopter Eela, Kajol spoke about her beloved costar and why not, no interview of hers is completed without the mention of Shah Rukh Khan.

They both share an amazing bond, and so will you believe if we told you that, SRK believed Kajol should learn acting?

Yes, Kajol mentioned this in the interview that while she was shooting with SRK for Baazigar, she admitted to him that she was feeling exhausted because of filming back to back.

He said that since she is feeling that way it is a good thing for her to grow as an actor. He also said that she is a good actor; she should take more effort and learn acting.

“I remember having a conversation during Baazigar with Shah Rukh Khan and he told me, I should learn how to act, and I was like, ‘I am doing so fabulously well’. He told me I need to burn out as an actor, I felt, he talks nonsense sometimes,” Kajol told.

Be it onscreen or off screen, they are both just adorbs together.

Kajol’s Helicopter Eela is set to release on October 12.


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